85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937
85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937
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Case Study – The Future of the Corrugated Packaging Industry

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CBS Packaging are renowned for being one of the fully independent corrugated packaging manufacturers in the UK. With over 27 years’ industry experience, this family run business provides a first-class service to the corrugated packaging industry.

Introducing CBS Packaing

Based in West Bromwich, West Midlands, CBS Packaging delivers complete packaging solutions from design, to manufacturing and printing.


Key to CBS Packaging’s success is their continued investment in state-of-the-art machines. Their unrivalled product quality established professional team and unbeatable service levels, all help them deliver value to their customers across the UK.

Looking to improve packaging line efficiency

CBS Packaging approached Gordian Strapping, as they were looking to improve the efficiency of their packaging line, improve pack security and presentation, plus meet increased customer demand and grow their business.

The solutions

Keen to help CBS Packaging remain at the top of their game, we recommended our OMS Press Master, plus our Eddy arm pallet wrapper – which they were quick to snap up!

OMS Press Master

Our OMS Press Master can compress with up to 3.6 tonnes of force and available with heat, friction or Sonic strap sealing technology!

This automatic strapping machine is the perfect solution for corrugated packaging specialists. What sets it apart is its unique design that eliminates the need for complex pneumatic systems, which can be affected by contaminants in the air supply. Instead, the Press Master operates automatically and safely, efficiently compressing products and applying strapping to create a compact and stable package.

This vertical strapping machine comes equipped with turn-cross functionality and an external centraliser, along with a model Press Master base. It compresses palletised products before applying strapping. In a single cycle, the pallet press strapper can apply two vertical straps at the same time to speed processes up.

For smooth use, it has an automatic re-feed of strap up to three times and key safety features. Plus, two swords to penetrate pallet void and a strap anti-stop cycle function – should the sword detect an obstruction whilst being fed through then it automatically retracts. It is definitely a machine you can depend on!

PKG Eddy arm pallet wrapper

PKG Eddy is a compact, high performance rotating arm machine that wraps pallets with stretch film. This reliable machine is perfect for corrugated packaging industries.

Our machine features a robust 4-legged steel frame that provides sturdy support for the rotating arm rack and pinion system, for smooth arm rotation. The arm rotation system is powered by a self-braking 1.1 kW motor, which is connected to a closed, self-lubricated thrust bearing for efficient operation.

The innovative patented electronic MPS (Motorized Pre-Stretch) unit allows the film to be stretched up to 250% through a gear arrangement in the carriage. Something CBS Packaging has found very impressive!

Both machines were expertly installed by our engineers. The feedback we’ve had from CBS Packaging has been fantastic:

"We’ve been so impressed with the machines and service from Gordian Strapping. The high-performance machines have increased our speed and improved security of our finished product. We can’t thank Gordian enough; without them and these great machines we wouldn’t have been able to meet increased customer demand and continue to grow our business”.
David Pretty
Group Operations Manager

For the latest automated strapping and wrapping machines, call our expert team on 01256 394400 or email [email protected]

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