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85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937

Case Study – Pioneering Paper Strapping Machine for Innovative Shredding Company

Identity Destruction Case Study

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Gordian have partnered up with Identity Destruction to provide an efficient solution to a simple problem, saving the company both time and money. With eco-sustainability being an important part of their business, Identity Destruction wanted an environmentally conscious solution so we provided them with paper strap – a breakthrough packaging securement method.

Introducing Identity Destruction 🤖

Identity Destruction are an affordable and security-conscious shredding service, located in the West Sussex city of Chichester. 

Greeted by Bella the black Labrador, this is a family-run business and Johny and his team have been helping customers for the past 11 years whilst bringing some entertainment to the shredding world. Their super creative Robocop-Transformers-inspired branding stands out from the crowd and they’re smashing it on social media with their ‘Can I Shred It?’ Tik-Tok series.

They’re also making a meaningful difference to the planet, with all of the shredded material being sent off to be fully recycled – often being made into toilet paper in Kent!

Identity Destruction as a business are going from strength-to-strength, with over 20,000 customers, making them one of the market leaders in the industry.

Making the process simple for customers 💌

The process that Identity Destruction have in place is fairly simple – customers go online to their (very impressive) website and order eco-friendly paper sacks. These sacks are sent on first class next-day delivery and the customer fills with their unwanted paperwork, sealed for full security and then the Identity Destruction Collection Crew arrange to pick up the sacks to be shredded back at the facility.

As a business, Identity Destruction want to make things as simple as possible for their customers and the ability to deliver around 25,000 sacks annually, even if the customer wasn’t home, was a priority. The issue was a double whammy: if the customer wasn’t home, the delivery wouldn’t be complete and the sack was costing more to post as it was oversized.

Identity Destruction therefore needed a banding solution that would both safely secure and reduce the size of the package.

The strapping machine for the job 👇

Through guidance from our experienced sales team, Identity Destruction opted for a new StraPack iQ-400 machine. An affordable and reliable machine, the iQ-400 is highly robust and cost-effective. In this case, Gordian Strapping are able to modify the machine to assist with the running of the paper strap, which Gordian also supply with special StraPack parts.


Anyone in the office can help band packages.


Isn’t a nuisance to others when in the office.


Fit seamlessly into the office space.

The results are in 📈

Speaking with Identity Destruction, the machine was a big hit

In terms of the sales process with Gordian, Johny cited that the excellent speed of communication which was important to him after some bad experiences previously. He was also pleased with the ability of the salesman to provide a clear explanation during an unknown, showing exactly how the machine works and providing rich information, going above and beyond by offering to run sample packs to be banded in order to visualise the solution.

"I'm really pleased with the skills and knowledge supplied by Gordian. Their speed and effort matched how we try to operate."

Enhancing eco-credentials with paper strap

This partnership with Identity Destruction was also special because it was one of the first times we have supplied a fully optimised paper strap solution.

Eco-sustainability is vastly important to us as a business, so we are very excited about this opportunity for paper strap as a viable securement method. We have semi-automatic solutions for customers seeking packaging without any plastic material and in the very near future we’re hoping to roll out automatic strapping machines too.

Paper won’t be the solution for every application that’s why we will have a wide range of 30% recycled content polypropylene and 100% recycled content polyester, both 100% recyclable.

This is an exciting move forward so keep your eyes peeled for more information, we’ll be providing exciting updates on this across our social media and website:

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