85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937
85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937

Brand New Website for Gordian Strapping

Website before and after

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Over the past few months, we’ve been giving our site a make-over and we’re very excited to share the finished product.

We’re a company at the forefront of packaging solutions. Number one in the UK for specialist end-of-line packaging machinery. So we needed a website to match.

The challenge was simple(ish): redesign an ageing website by improving functionality, enhancing user experience and giving a cleaner, more modern look. We want our customers to know what we’re about and what we offer in an easily-digestible and visually attractive format.

We may be nearly 85 years old, but we wanted to show that we have all the energy of a toddler on sugar. Whilst packaging machinery probably isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, we want to bring a bit of entertainment to our branding and show we’re a company with personality.

Which is why we have adopted a new visual identity:

Gordian Strapping's new branding

The curved lines represent our roots – strapping. Although we are much more than that nowadays, with a comprehensive range of strapping, wrapping and hooding machinery to go alongside our material range.

Alongside the royal Gordian blue, we’ve added splashes of sunglow, tart, lizard and French rose (yellow, orange, green and pink to those who aren’t pretentious!)

We’ve got a new font in Montserrat as well as a full range of icons designed for our specific industries.

This new branding style is already started to roll-out across our LinkedIn and Twitter and we hope it can bring some emotion and zest to our communications.

To couple this new visual identity, we needed an intuitive website that offered a robust but contemporary solution.

We selected WordPress as our platform of choice – largely down to its ease of use and the fact that 30%+ of all websites are hosting through their software. WordPress is a highly future-proof platform that offers full creative control through third party plugins.

Some new features include:

  • The ability to filter down products based on automation, application and industry sector.
  • New-look product pages that provide lots of information in more visually appealing ways, including bitesized stacked accordions
  • Embedded product videos which don’t carry on playing even when you’ve exited the page!
  • A new ‘mega menu’ that allows you to find product type or automation easily.
  • Enhanced contact forms with extra security features – meaning lovely Carol in the office won’t be inundated with spam!
  • A freshly-designed image carousel depicting our (nearly) 85-year history.


Check out the before and after images below:

Homepage beforeHomepage after
About us page beforeAbout us page after
Food and beverage page beforeFood and beverage page after

What do you think?

This project was run by our new Sales & Marketing Executive, Freddie Molyneux, and he would love to to hear any feedback (good or bad!).

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