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Brand New Wrapping Machine That Will Revolutionise Waste Baling

Area RR180 waste baling wrapping machine

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We recently welcomed our Italian partners to Basingstoke, where we discussed some exciting new developments in the pipeline. Including the new RR 180 wrapping machine which is set to take the RDF and waste baling sector by storm.

Saying "Buongiorno" to some new wrapping machines 👋

Our friends over at Area Packaging joined us last week to present some developments in their range of ring horizontal stretch wrapping machines.

They took us through some of the applications of their successful and vastly dependable R9 and Ring machines, as well as giving us a preview of some brand new products.

And, despite it being an entirely confidential private meeting, we’re going to bring you into the circle of trust. Don’t say we don’t treat you!

The Area RR 180 - the future of waste baling ♻️

The biggest news coming out of the presentation is the brand new RDF and waste baling stretch wrapping machine – the Area RR 180

This wrapping machine uses stretch film to completely encase the bale, by closing all faces and corners. Check out this video below to see what it’s capable of:

You can adjust the number of film layers on the control panel, ensuring the bale is fully wrapped from all sides. This means that minimal material is wasted and it vastly reduces leakage, because no-one likes bin-juice all over the floor 🤢.

The machine operates on an infeed and outfeed conveyor with a stretch film height of 500 mm and 17 – 35 microns.

With an excellent operating speed of approximately 2 minutes per cycle, the oscillating platform ensures your bale is wrapped up like gift at Christmas. Although I’m not sure a bail of recycled waste is high on anyone’s list for Santa.

Are you looking to take your waste baling operation to the next level? Or any type of large-scale baling for that matter. 

If you’re interested in speaking to us about this innovative new machine, get in touch here.

The R9 range 📦

Alongside the brand new RR 180 machine, Area have the R9 collection, a robust an affordable solution that comes in a wide variety of ring sizes. With an adjustable infeed and outfeed free roll conveyor and pressure unit, the R9 offers a great solution for those looking for a consistent film wrap.

With the ability to stretch wrap a vast array of products in across a plethora of industries, the Area R9 is a flexible and reliable solution.

Within this range of machines, there are a variety of additional features available including:

  • Vulcanised conveyor rollers
  • Manual or pneumatic side guides
  • Protective welding unit


See the Area R9 range in action across a variety of applications and industries:

Area R9 Stretch Wrapping Machine


Area R9 Stretch Wrapping Machine

Distribution Centres


Distribution Centre - Boxes

Area R9/A with conveyor


Area R9/A Stretch Wrapping Machine



Furniture - Matresses

Area R9/AC Stretch Wrapping Machine


Area R9/AC Stretch Wrapping Machine



Automotive - Pump

Area R9/T Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine


Area R9/T Stretch Wrapping Machine



Automotive - Tyres

The Ring range 💍

The Area Ring wrapping machines are a group of premium products that stretch wrap packages to a variety of sizes.

It includes an automatic clamping unit with pneumatic drive, an adjustable infeed and outfeed pressure unit and, on the larger diameters, a variety of optional features such as a skid feeding unit, a head and tail wrapping system and a bridge conveyor inside the machine.

The Ring machines have featured in a number of sectors, including being used as the primary wrapping machines in one of IKEA’s facilities:

Area Ring 40/60 Stretch Wrapping Machine


Area Ring 60 Stretch Wrapping Machine



Timber - Wooden Poles

Area Ring 100/140 Stretch Wrapping Machine


Area Ring 140 Stretch Wrapping Machine



Furniture - Door Frames

Area Ring 180/210 Stretch Wrapping Machine


Area Ring 180 Stretch Wrapping Machine



Furniture - IKEA

Area Ring 250/320 Stretch Wrapping Machine


Area Ring 250 Stretch Wrapping Machine



Metals - Steel Sheets

If you’re looking for a high quality reliable stretch wrapping machine, get in touch with us today.

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