85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937
85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937
Stretch Film
Stretch Film
Stretch Film
Stretch Film

Stretch Film

Stretch film is a multi-layer polymer film which is applied in overlapping wraps around boxed and/or palletised goods. As it is being applied, the film is stretched, thereby drawing the items together and stabilizing them. Stretch film provides protection from dust and the elements and consolidates several items into one securely wrapped consignment.

Gordian stocks a variety of stretch films for different applications and industry sectors. We supply hand films and also machine films which are compatible with our range of turntable, rotary arm, horizontal and ring wrappers. Our stretch wrap is of the highest quality meaning that our customers benefit from less machine downtime and a properly secured product.

Hand Stretch Film

Hand Stretch Film

A blown film, which is tacky on both sides, effectively sticking to itself when applied. It is typically used in lower capacity packaging operations and cold storage due to moisture in the air allows more tack. Our hand film is supplied with extended cores meaning the film can be applied by hand without the need for a dispenser.

Machine Stretch Film

Machine Stretch Film

A cast, co-extruded film, specially designed for use with stretch wrap machines. The film clings to itself without adhesive additives. Available for Core Break and for Power Pre-Stretch machines. The latter use a special grade of film that can be stretched up to 300% depending on film thickness, application and equipment.

Advantages of Machine Wrapping Compared to Hand Wrapping

  • Faster and more efficient packaging
  • Enhanced load safety and security
  • Reduced packaging material costs
  • Safer application
  • Minimise RSI injuries

Selecting the Right Machine Stretch Film


  • Product lighter loads require a lower gauge of film to avoid being damaged
  • Heavier goods can withstand the compression of higher gauge films
  • The weight of the load and the uniformity of its outer surface are also important factors to consider.


  • The type of machine you are using or considering purchasing will help determine which film you need
  • Higher gauges were once essential for power pre-machines
  • Modern pre-stretch films are thinner, sturdier and can be stretched further without compromising on strength.


  • Common stretch film gauges range from 15µm to 30µm.
  • Load type, weight and height are key factors when selecting film gauge
  • As pre-stretch increases, it is essential that film strength is not compromised.
  • Light gauges make good dust covers for already secure/strapped loads
  • Heavy gauges are necessary for loads requiring high securement.


  • Handling and shipping conditions should be taken into account when selecting machine film
  • Our sales team are ready to advise you on which type of film is best suited to your requirements

Unlike most strapping suppliers, Gordian Strapping has over 75 years of experience in the manufacture and supply of high quality, reliable strapping machines.

So we know precisely which strap will best suit your applications and your machines – strap grade recommendations form an essential part of our UK-wide strapping machine maintenance and support packages.


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