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85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937
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Essential Packaging Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Sector

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Packaging is essential for the transportation of goods in every sector, but in the pharmaceutical sector, it's especially important. Drugs and medical products need to reach their destination securely. If damage occurs in transit, it's not just a loss of profit at risk - it can be lives.

If your business specialises in pharmaceutical products, you need packaging solutions that are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective.

Here are some of the top pharmaceutical packaging machines, including strapping and banding machines, wrapping machines and hooding machines.

Strapping machines for pharmaceutical companies

Strapping machines are used by pharmaceutical companies to secure goods and pallet loads before transportation. These pharmaceutical packaging machines apply secure straps around packaging, and are available in semi-automatic, automatic and fully automated models.

StraPack SQ-800 Automatic Strapping Machine

Available in a variety of arch sizes, the StraPack SQ-800 Automatic Strapping Machine can be used for large pharmaceutical parcels, with the arch ranging in size from 650mm x 400mm to 3000mm x 2450mm, providing an option for all requirements.

StraPack RQ-8ARCS Fully Automated Strapping Machine

If you’re looking for a fully automated strapping solution, the StraPack RQ-8ARCS Fully Automated Strapping Machine is a good option for pharmaceutical companies. With its rotating device for cross-strapping, this machine is available in stainless steel – perfect for hygiene-focused packaging lines.

Banding machine for pharmaceutical companies

StraPack Akebono OB-360N Banding Machine

This is a very popular machine amongst the pharmaceutical industry, with the option of paper or plastic banding. The StraPack Akebono OB-360N machine has impeccable sealing technology that eliminates curling, folding or peeling of tape edges.

Wrapping machines for pharmaceutical companies

Wrapping machines cover products in protective plastic. Compared to hand wrapping, machines can reduce costs by up to 74%. There are several options available for different needs, including turntable and rotary arm machines.

PKG Simply Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine

The PKG Simply Automatic Stretch Wrapping Machine is an entry-level turntable option that boasts the same performance features as larger machines while being cost-effective and easy to use. The machine works with pre-stretched film or film reels without a cardboard core. 

PKG Wingwrap Fully Automated Stretch Wrapping Machine

With its choice of manual and automatic modes, the PKG Wingwrap Fully Automated Stretch Wrapping Machine is reliable, robust, and has been constructed for maximum performance. This rotary arm option will wrap loads securely, offering protection and stability during shipping. 

Hooding machines for pharmaceutical companies

Hooding machines are ideal for adding protection to loads before shipping. The machines apply a plastic hood to large or palletised goods to provide stability and protect the package.

OMS IS43 Fully Automated Stretch Hooding Machine

The OMS IS43 Fully Automated Stretch Hooding Machine is a great option as it can be used for both palletised and non-palletised loads and wraps an impressive 120 pallets per hour. This machine offers a heat-free option, making it ideal for eco-friendly businesses, and it can be easily added to your existing conveyors.

OMS FT-22 Fully Automated Shrink Hooding Machine

Alternatively, the standalone OMS FT-22 Fully Automated Shrink Hooding Machine might be a better fit for your needs. This turntable machine applies heat to a manually-added bag to shrink it to the correct size. It provides much more consistency than a handheld flame gun.

To discuss the best packaging machinery for your business, contact the Gordian Strapping team today.

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