85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937
85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937

Protective Packaging Solutions: What is a Wrapping Machine?

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Discover what wrapping machines are, how they work, the different types available, and which option would best suit your packaging requirements.

Wrapping machines are now a staple for many businesses in a huge range of sectors. If your business packages products for shipping, a wrapping machine can streamline the end of your production line.

Here, we cover the essentials you need to know: what is a wrapping machine, how it works, and the different types available.

What is a wrapping machine?

A wrapping machine does what it says on the tin: it wraps products to keep them safe and secure. They are used to wrap products, boxes and pallets to protect them from damage in transit.

Compared to manual wrapping, a machine can reduce costs, increase productivity and provide increased protection for your products.

How do wrapping machines work?

Wrapping machines can be broken down into two categories: automatic and semi-automatic. Each one works in a different way.

With automatic wrapping machines, everything is automatic – as you would expect. Automatic machines wrap items without assistance, so no input is required from an operator. These machines are ideal for integration into an automated production line.

Semi-automatic wrapping machines need an operator to load, adjust and start the machine. Semi-automatic models are ideal for smaller operations or those with a lower output.

Different types of protective packaging solutions

There is a range of types of wrapping machine, with suitable options for all industries and products.

Turntable wrapping machines

A turntable wrapping machine has a round platform to place the item on. The platform then revolves while the film is dispensed and wrapped around the package. Turntable wrappers are a versatile option suitable for many industries.

Rotary arm wrapping machines

Rotary arm wrappers feature an arm which rotates around the product while dispensing the film. This type of wrapping machine is ideal for lighter loads that may not remain stable on a rotating platform.

Ring wrapping machines

The ring wrapper is a very versatile machine that is perfect for longer products. It comes in a wide variety of ring sizes so can be used across a broad range of products. It works by feeding the goods through the ring, where stretch film is automatically applied.

See some examples below:

What wrapping machine do I need?

The type of wrapping machine you need depends on the packages you need to wrap, as well as the nature of your business.

If you’re wrapping products that can stand unassisted on a rotating platform, a turntable wrapper could be ideal. If you’re wrapping lighter loads, you’ll find a rotary arm wrapper is perfect for your needs. Wrapping long or difficult to wrap items, such as doors or rolls of carpet? A horizontal wrapper would suit your requirements.

For more information and advice about the best wrapping machine for your needs, contact Gordian Strapping today.

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