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85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937

The Three Types of Banding Machines Available in 2023

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Banding machines are changing the way businesses package their goods. Whatever your industry, a banding or strapping machine can speed up your packaging process. There is a range of banding machines available to suit every business' requirements. Here, we look at the three types of banding machines available in 2023 to help you to make the right choice for your packaging line.

Banding machines for individual packs

A banding machine for individual packs typically runs polypropylene strap from 5mm to 12mm. There are semi-automatic, automatic, and fully-automated versions available to choose from.

The StraPack SQ-800 Automatic Strapping Machine is a great example of a banding machine for individual packs. It boasts a quick 45-second start-up and has torque mode for springy packs and stroke tension for delicate packs. The machine is also energy efficient and has minimal moving parts, which makes it easy to maintain.

Banding machines for palletised goods

For palletised goods, you’ll need one of two types of banding machines.

The first option is to adopt a semi-automatic machine, which is a terrific economical option. It works by skidding the machine into the pallet, manually passing the strap over the products and letting the machine tension automatically.

A great example of this type of machine is the StraPack D-53PLT2 which is 2x quicker than using hand-tools.

The second option is for those wanting to integrate into a packaging line, with an automatic or fully automated machine.

The premium solution for those looking to upgrade their conveyor lines is the OMS 06 Fully Automated Horizontal Pallet Strapping Machine. It can be programmed to apply the number of straps required for your particular packages, and has a fast, consistent strap feed.

Banding machines using paper, film, or tape

Perfect for small-scale products, such as leaflets or parcels, this type of banding machine is useful for a range of industries. They boast excellent sealing technology and offer an economic solution to your packaging needs.

The StraPack Akebono OB-360N Automatic Banding Machine is ideal for many industries due to its high-speed paper and film tape banding functionality. This machine completes 30 cycles per minute and can be operated via photocell pack detection, push button or foot pedal.

To recap, banding machines can be split into the following catergories

Machines to strap individual items

These strapping machines strap individual packs and are available in semi-automatic, automatic and fully automated models.

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Machines to wrap pallets

These are larger machines designed especially for securing pallets of products. They can function as a stand-alone machine or be integrated into an automatic packing line.

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Banding machines

Banding machines are machines on a smaller scale that secure smaller items that require less protection, using paper or plastic tape rather than strapping.

Find out how our expert team of engineers can install and maintain your strapping machinery.

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