85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937
85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937
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Packaging Machines Every Clothing Manufacturer Needs

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To take your clothing business to the next level, you need the right technology behind you. Packaging machines are essential for fast, efficient operations in the clothing manufacturing process.

Packaging machines such as strapping machinery have revolutionised the way products are handled and transported. Streamlining the packing process, strapping machines allow for rapid securement of goods and pallet loads – far faster than manual strapping.

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StraPack SQ-800 Automatic Strapping Machine

Part of the latest line from leading manufacturer StraPack, the SQ-800 straps packages with unrivalled efficiency. It’s the new-and-improved model based on the renowned RQ-8x and, by combining the reliability of its predecessor with exceptional speed and a cutting-edge tensioning system, the SQ-800 is the perfect machine for strapping boxes ready for delivery. It is also suitable for integration into your production line.

StraPack SQ-800Y Automatic Strapping Machine

The SQ-800Y boasts all the benefits of the SQ-800 but is suitable for strapping taller products. The side-seal model sits on its Y-axis, making it ideal for securing long packages for transit.

Even with tension applied, the standard strapping rate is 50 straps per minute, and it takes less than 25 seconds to get ready to operate. This machine is ideal for clothing retailers with extra-large packages.

Feel free to read our Case Study, ‘Teaching A Thing Or Two About Strapping Machines’ where we discuss how we helped Twoey cut down on packing time and increase production by more than 30%.

PKG Saving MPS Stretch Wrapping Machine

PKG’s Saving Machine is a reliable and affordable wrapping solution to give your shipments an extra layer of protection. These semi-automatic packaging machines wrap packages up to 215 centimetres high and can complete up to 20 pallets an hour.

StraPack iQ-400 Semi-Automatic Strapper

StraPack’s iQ-400 is ideal for up-and-coming clothing manufacturers. Smaller than other strapping machines StraPack offers, the iQ-400 is easy to maintain and costs less to run. The compact size makes it suitable to house in your office or small warehouse space, and the adjustable legs make it versatile for a range of applications.

StraPack Akebono OB-360N Automatic Banding Machine

The Strapack OB-360N is ideal for securing clothing with a band of paper or film tape. The high-speed banding machine can secure items ranging in size from three to 42 centimetres.

If you send small products that require less protection, banding is an eco-friendlier option whilst making sure your items are delivered securely.

StraPack D-53PLT2 Semi-Automatic Strapping Machine

Most retail businesses use pallets to store and transport their products in bulk. The D-53PLT2 is designed to secure pallets with plastic strapping up to 66% faster than manual strapping.

There are two versions of the D-53PLT2 to choose from: mains-powered and battery-powered.

At Gordian Strapping, we supply an extensive range of packaging machines for a vast array of industries, including clothing and retail. If you’re not sure what machines are best for your business, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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