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85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937
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Food Industry Focus: Get Your Production Line Ready for Christmas

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Christmas is the busiest time of year for many sectors, and the food industry is no exception. 

To capitalise on the most profitable time of the year, your business needs a production line that’s up to the task. After all, Christmas is a time to indulge, and many consumers will be on the lookout for food they wouldn’t usually invest in.  

Meat and fish are the centrepieces for many tables at Christmas, so these industries experience a surge in demand every festive season. 

Moreover, the better your packaging machine for food, the faster you can process orders and the more money you can make. Old machines won’t just slow you down – they can also cost your business when they break, resulting in downtime during the most crucial period of the year. 

If you’re upgrading your assembly line before Christmas, here are some of the best machines to invest in. 

Strapping Machines

Strapping machines help to transport your goods securely from A to B. Unlike manual strapping tools, machines produce a consistently secure seal on your goods in rapid time. Strapping can also be used to bind multiple packages together. 

Strapping machines are available in automatic and semi-automatic models. If you want a fully automated production line, you need an automatic strapping machine that can be integrated with other machinery.  

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Gordian’s Strapping Machines

The StraPack SQ-800 is a cutting-edge, dependable machine from the market-leading manufacturer, StraPack. Combining the reliability of its predecessor, the RQ-8x, with optimum efficiency, the SQ-800 is a strong investment for your assembly line. It produces 55 straps per minute as standard, and the machine is ready to operate in less than 25 seconds. 

If you need even more efficiency, the StraPack RQ-7000MV18 Tandem is a great choice. With double strapping functionality, the machine can apply two straps simultaneously to secure your products fast. Made from stainless steel and other waterproof materials, the RQ-7000M is suitable for moisture-rich environments and is the perfect packaging machine for food such as meat and fish production lines. 

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Wrapping Machines

Wrapping machines secure products in a plastic film to preserve them or secure them for transport. Wrapping is essential for the food industry and is used for a range of foods, including meat, bread and cheese. 

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Wrapping machines are available for both individual products and pallets of products.  

There is a range of automatic and semi-automatic wrapping machines to speed up your assembly line. The PKG Smartwrap is a smart automatic wrapping machine for loads of up to 1500kg. With a turntable and automatic cutting system, the PKG Smartwrap wraps pallets up to 2500 mm tall fast. 

For larger operations, the PKG Eddy is a fully automated machine designed to be integrated into your production line. It’s reliable, robust and fast – perfect for getting orders out the door quickly this Christmas. 

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To find out more about which packaging machine for food is best suited for your needs, contact the Gordian Strapping team today.

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