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85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937

Protective Packaging Solutions: What is a Strapping Machine?

protective packaging solutions

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Protective packaging solutions such as strapping machines have revolutionised the way products are handled and transported. Streamlining the packing process, strapping machines allow for rapid securement of goods and pallet loads – far faster than manual strapping.

Let’s get back to basics: what is a strapping machine? Here, we explain everything you need to know about strapping machines as protective packaging solutions – and why your business needs one.

What is a strapping machine?

Strapping machines are designed to strap parcels and packages securely. Powered by electricity, they speed up the packing process and reduce the need for wrapping tools and manual labour. 

The machines require minimal handling and package goods faster and more securely than would be possible manually. Employing strapping machines in your production line allows you to fulfil more orders every day – giving you a competitive advantage.

How do strapping machines work?

Strapping machines feature a flat surface with a crevice for the strapping to come through. The package is either manually or mechanically placed over the crevice, and the machine (or the user for semi-automatic models) then feeds strapping around the item, before the machine tightens it to secure the package.

The process is complete in a matter of seconds.

What can a strapping machine be used for?

Strapping machines are used in a wide range of industries to secure goods quickly and efficiently.

Whether you deal in heavy goods, like automotive parts and building materials, or smaller items like food and pharmaceuticals, strapping machines can accelerate your operations and ensure your goods get from A to B securely.

Different types of protective packaging solutions

There are three main types of strapping machines: semi-automatic, automatic and fully automatic.

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Semi-automatic strapping machines

Semi-automated strapping machines require the user to manually feed the strapping over the item and into the machine.

Automatic strapping machines

Automated strapping machines are more efficient than semi-automatic machines. They do not require the user to feed strapping manually, so all you need to do is place the parcel in the correct position and press a button.

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Fully automated strapping machines

Fully automatic strapping machines require no manual input at all. They are designed to form part of an automatic packing line for integrated, high-throughput systems.

See some examples below:

Find out how our expert team of engineers can install and maintain your strapping machinery.

Strapping machines can also be categorised by their function – individual pack machines, pallet machines, and banding machines for smaller goods.

Machines to strap individual items

These strapping machines strap individual packs and are available in semi-automatic, automatic and fully automated models.

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Machines to wrap pallets

These are larger machines designed especially for securing pallets of products. They can function as a stand-alone machine or be integrated into an automatic packing line.

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Banding machines

Banding machines are machines on a smaller scale that secure smaller items that require less protection, using paper of plastic tape rather than strapping.

Here are some machines that fall into these categories:

A lot of the strapping machine ranges also come in stainless steel – which is the ideal material for the food processing industry as its corrosion-free.

Check out a full list of stainless steel machines that are perfect for the food processing industry here.

What strapping machine do I need?

The type of strapping machine you need depends on the nature and throughput of your business. You should consider factors like package size, order frequency and your overall packing system when choosing your strapping machine.

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At Gordian Strapping, we have a vast range of protective packaging solutions to suit every industry. Contact us today to discuss your business’ requirements with our expert team.

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