85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937
85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937

New Automatic Paper Strapping Machine: Take Your Business to Greener Heights

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The future of eco-friendly package securement is here, with the arrival of the brand new StraPack AQ-7KB machine, designed specifically for paper strapping. All the benefits of a high quality automatic strapping machine, but with the capability to run sustainable environmentally-friendly paper strap.

The Drive Towards Sustainability

Sustainability is of vital importance to all companies who use packaging. We’re well past the Al-Gore-inspired fad and into the territory of necessity. A necessity for all businesses to think in an environmentally friendly way, to ensure future generations can enjoy our planet the way we have.

The increasing consumer awareness of sustainable packaging is driving real change across the industry and regulators around the world are adopting various approaches to minimise and manage package waste.

We recently released our response to the Plastic Packaging Tax and made it our intent to increase the volume of recycled plastic in our strap. 

According to a report from McKinsey in 2020, 60% of FMCG have committed to increasing recyclability and the production of recyclable packaging. It’s likely this figure is continuing to rise as more businesses see the importance of eco-sustainability.

It’s clear that innovative sustainability is one of the most important business challenges, which is why we wanted to respond with our own eco-initiative in the form of a new strapping machine. 

Introducing The New Paper Strapping Machine

StraPack AQ-7KB Paper Strap Machine

We’re really excited to announce the new StraPack AQ-7KB automatic strapping machine which has been specifically designed to run paper strap.

Previously, we had managed to adapt the StraPack iQ-400 to accommodate paper strap which was recently installed into Identity Destruction’s facilities (click here to read about it).

However, this is the first automatic strapping machine that can fit seamlessly into any production facility using paper strapping.

It also uses a heat sealing method where previous models have used an adhesive, meaning that even less material is needed.

The machine is operated via a button and like the other high quality StraPack strapping machines, the AQ-7KB is compact, energy efficient and easy to maintain.


1,400 mm


1,252 mm


610 mm


Approx 160 kg


2.2 seconds


Max: 620mm X 480mm

Min: 80mm X 30mm


15.5 mm, 12 mm, 9 mm


3-Phase 200V 50/60Hz 0.85kW

We carried out static pull of the seal, with impressive results of 66 kg peak force, showing the reliability of the machine in different conditions.

We’re really pleased with the quality of this new machine and we’re confident it’s going be a big hit amongst customers who want to take a green approach moving forward.

Are you looking to enhance your eco-credentials by adopting paper strap?

If you’re interested in speaking to us about this latest innovation, get in touch here.

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