85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937
85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937

Questions to Ask About Packaging Machine Maintenance

packaging machine maintenance

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Are you looking for a top-quality maintenance service for your packaging machine?

Before you take the plunge and select your supplier, ask these questions, to make sure you receive the best maintenance service for your packaging machine and minimise potential downtime.

Are you looking for a packaging machinery manufacturer? Gordian Strapping is number 1 in the UK for specialist end-of-line packaging machinery.

Packaging machine maintenance checklist


How quickly can the engineers get to you?

You may have found what seems like the ideal maintenance package until you find out the engineers have to travel huge distances from one central hub to get to you, causing long delays until your packaging machine can be seen, let alone fixed. This is definitely bad for business and isn’t what you want!

At Gordian, we have nationwide coverage, with a national network of 16 service engineers, meaning repairs can be managed quickly and efficiently. We aim to resolve all call-outs at the first visit to minimise downtime for your operations.


Do the engineers carry spare parts?

If the answer to this is no, you could find yourself with long periods of downtime, as waiting for spare parts will slow down repair jobs.

At Gordian, we have a full range of spare parts and our engineers carry most spare parts in their vehicles, giving them the flexibility to quickly provide the necessary repair directly on-site. We also hold a comprehensive stock of standard parts at our head office in Basingstoke, many of which can be available overnight.


Are the engineers regulated?

Checking you will receive a reliable maintenance service is a must and finding out whether the engineers are regulated will give you that extra peace of mind.

At Gordian, all machines are supported by a team of skilled engineers who have all safety passports (including safe working at heights) which are refreshed each year. And it’s not just our engineers that are regulated – all our electrical tools are portable appliances tested every 6 months too, to provide ultimate safety for our customers.


Will you receive full support?

Looking at existing customer reviews and feedback is a great way to see if the service is up to scratch and you will be fully supported.

At Gordian, our expert team is easy to reach, whether you want to speak to a member of our sales team, contact service and engineering support, or have a general enquiry, you can give us a call, or drop us an email and we’ll be happy to help. 

We offer preventative maintenance contracts for all our machines to identify any potential issues before they escalate into major problems, saving you money and boosting the lifespan of your machines.

Check out our testimonials to see how we have supported our customers recently.


Is there a quality assurance policy in place?

It’s definitely worth asking the question, to check you will receive a quality service that meets your expectations.

At Gordian, we offer a quality assurance policy and commit to supplying and delivering our services at an agreed cost, in line with your needs and expectations, as well as statutory, regulatory guidelines. To reassure customers that they will receive a genuine quality maintenance service every time.


Do the engineers receive regular training to meet ISO standards?

It’s important to know the engineers are well qualified and also have regular training to keep on top of changing regulations and safety requirements.

At Gordian, we have implemented a quality management system that complies with BS EN ISO 9000:2015 to ensure we provide a quality service to all our customers. 

We make sure all employees adhere to the standards required, and we provide ongoing assessment and training as needed to maintain the highest levels of performance. We even offer engineer training courses in our demo room in Basingstoke!

For reliable packaging machine maintenance, call our trusted expert team on 01256 394400 or email [email protected]

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