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85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937
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New Infeed System For The Corrugated Industry

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Gordian have developed a new infeed system that integrates perfectly with our fully automatic inline strapping machines and is designed for multi-point glued corrugated products that are inherently unstable prior to strapping. Ideal for those who want affordable efficiency.

Recently, we installed a brand new OMS Press Master and PKG Eddy Rotary Arm Wrapper into Pitreavie Packaging’s Cumbernauld facility. The video for this project can be found on our LinkedIn page here.

Pitreavie are a corrugated packaging provider and approached Gordian, wanting to increase their packaging output even further with an infeed system leading into their new fully automatic StraPack strapping machine, RQ-8CRFB-MP.

The key function when securing corrugated products is the ability to square and compress the pack together prior to strapping and this can be done manually by an operator “knocking up” the bundle, however this limits speed of the operation as it can sometimes be a fiddly job.

With our new infeed system, operators can just place the stack of multi-point glued boxes on the infeed conveyor and the side and top guides will ensure that the bundle is squared and travels safely into the strapping machine prior to being compressed and strapped automatically.

The machine

The StraPack RQ-8A CRFB-MP is a machine designed for the corrugated industry, with various bundling features like pack stops and photocell technology.

Paired with the new infeed conveyor, it makes for a really intuitive system that would bring excellence to any bundle packaging operation.


Manually Adjustable Guides

Modern infeed systems sometimes offer guides that will adjust automatically which is a fantastic solution for those that can afford it. However in the current climate, operations managers are looking for more economical ways to deliver packaging solutions. Manually adjustable guides offers just that, as well as providing more control over the pack positioning.

Auto & Manual

Switch between automatic and manual mode to give yourself full control.

Photocell Technology

Optional photocell technology detects the pack and stops it in the correct position ready for strapping.

Ram Speed/Pressure Adjustability

Depending on the strength of your material, you may want to adjust the strap speed or tension, which you can do easily at the turn of a dial.

Adjustable Pack Stop

Again, you can create full customisation of your strapping position by manually repositioning the pack-stop.

If you’re interested in chatting to us about this new infeed system, or you like the look of the StraPack RQ-8A CRFB-MP, get in touch with us here.

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