85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937
85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937

The Benefits of Polypropylene Strapping

polypropylene strapping

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Polypropylene strapping has been the load containment material of choice for more than 50 years. Polypropylene strapping is hard-wearing and durable, meaning that it can withstand numerous knocks, bumps and scratches.
Did you know? Polypropylene strap is also 100% recyclable. It is down to your local authority to decide how they process it.
In this blog, we’ll cover the benefits of polypropylene strapping and why it is so widely used.

Polypropylene Strapping Benefits


Polypropylene strap is a strong and flexible general-purpose strapping product, used widely with hand tools, semi-automatic strapping machines and automatic strapping machines.


Polypropylene straps are ideal for a wide range of light tensioning applications, including:

– Boxing food products such as produce, meat and fish

– Securing small units, packages, corrugated cardboard boxes

– Bundling newspapers, magazines and cut paper

– Securing light or medium-weight pallets for transit

– Horizontally securing concrete blocks for transit

Good elasticity

Polypropylene strap has elastic properties, allowing it to stretch under tension. It is also quick to seal and its elasticity allows it to mould itself around the product resulting in minimal strap indentation.

High quality

High-quality and reliable polypropylene straps will maximise the operational efficiency of your strapping machines. Whilst cheaper alternatives are available, these can potentially compromise machine uptime and increase strap dust. As a machine manufacturer, Gordian Strapping understands the importance of this.

Competitively priced

Gordian Strapping offers competitively priced polypropylene strap that will support the long-term operational reliability of our machines. 

Also, when it comes to Plastic Tax, all of Gordian Strappings standard products contain 30% recycled content, making them exempt from the Plastic Tax, (currently charged at £220 per tonne.) Some of our specialist products also contain 30% PCR (post-consumer recycled materials).

To order polypropylene strapping that meets your packaging needs, call our expert team on 01256 394400 or email [email protected]

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