85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937
85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937

6 Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Pallet Wrapper


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If you are looking to invest in a pallet wrapper, there are some key questions you must ask, before you buy, to make sure you get the right pallet wrapper for your business.
Are you looking to purchase a pallet wrapper machine? Gordian Strapping are number 1 in the UK for specialist end-of-line packaging machines. Get in touch with our friendly team today.

1. Can the pallet wrapper machine be customised to fit my specific requirements?

Knowing that the pallet wrapper you choose can be customised to meet your requirements, will give you full peace of mind.

At Gordian Strapping, our team of expert engineers are able to customise your machinery to suit your packaging needs. Whether you require a taller arch, or a slower application speed, speak to our experienced team to discuss bespoke customised modifications.

2. Can you provide me with references from other customers who have purchased this pallet wrapper?

Reading reviews from previous customers about the supplier and pallet wrapper, will give you reassurance that you are making the right choice, or prevent you from making the wrong one!

Gordian Strapping is number 1 in the UK for specialist end-of-line packaging machinery. Our satisfied customers span across a wide range of industries, but don’t just take our word for it, read our latest client testimonials! 

3. What type of customer support is available?

It’s one thing knowing you have the right machine for the job, but it’s another knowing you will have full support after the sale is complete.

With over 300 years of experience across Gordian Strapping’s sales and engineering teams, you will be fully supported from decision making to maintenance and repairs of your machine. If you are experiencing an issue you need help with, our customer focused team will assist you with onsite support.

4. Is training available for my employees on how to operate and maintain the pallet wrapper?

When considering which pallet wrapper machine to buy, asking what training will be provided, often gets forgotten. But it’s an important question, if inadequate, or no training is provided, you may end up with a pallet wrapper packed with the latest features, that no one can operate.

At Gordian Strapping, we are delighted to offer engineer training courses in our demo room in Basingstoke, which covers everything from basic fault finding to carrying out a full preventative maintenance service. Book a training course today!

5. Are spare parts readily available and how quickly can they be delivered?

We know it’s a complete nightmare if your machine breaks down and you have to wait weeks, if not months, for a spare part. 

That’s why Gordian Strapping stocks a full range of spare parts and has an experienced national network of 16 service engineers who carry parts in their van, so repairs can be done quickly. 

We aim to resolve all call-outs on the first visit, to minimise downtime for your business. Having an in-house spare parts team on hand to order and recommend critical spare parts for your machines, makes this possible.

6. What is the warranty period for the pallet wrapper?

Having a reliable warranty, will make sure you are covered if things do go wrong.

Gordian Strapping’s Service Contracts provide a 12 month warranty and full protection against faulty or defective parts, giving you full peace of mind. 

By asking these questions before you purchase a pallet wrapper machine, you can make a well-informed decision and prevent any disappointment!

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