85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937
85 years of packaging solutions - since 1937

Experience Efficient Stretch Wrapping with the PKG Motion 2.0 Robot Wrapper

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Loves got the world in motion, and I can't believe this new robot stretch wrapping machine is true! Unfortunately we couldn't get John Barnes to perform a rap about the latest technology from PKG, so you'll have to stick to this blog which takes you through the new advanced features.

The PKG Motion Robot wrapper is a much loved classic in the world of stretch film securement and has been a vast success in warehouses across Europe and beyond. And the latest edition is available now and comes jam-packed with features.

Stronger machine body
Separate gates, 1 for charging only, 1 for battery access only, 1 for general maintenance only
Ergonomic positioned control panel now on column
Led light for machine status indication on column.
Zephyr "Power of Wind" carriage option - a new kind of system that uses air to hook around the product. It's a very cool bit of technology which you can check out in the video below:

That joins the array of carriage types available on the Motion:

MB – Mechanical Brake

EB – Electromagnetic Clutch

MPS – Motorised Pre-Stretch

MPS2 – Motorised Pre-Stretch with 2 Motors

Optional features

  • Automatic film cutting system
  • Automatic roping
  • Three types of batteries available – pure lead, traction and lithium
  • Slide for battery extraction
  • Battery charging cable door

Technical features

  • 2 AGV batteries 12 V 110 Ah connected in series
  • High-frequency battery charger inside machine
  • Load height sensing photocell
  • Standard wrapping height of 2200 mm
  • Alarm indications
  • Opening for forklift left & right
  • Keypad lock
  • Average film used (for MPS-MPS2 by request)
  • Wrapping speed up to 8 RPM

Plus in the near future this machine will also get the following upgrades: 

  • Easy exchange battery charging tray. 
  • Removal of steering tension during manual movement making walking the machine a lot easier. 

So if you’re looking for a machine that can easily keep up with the demands of your business, then it’s time to make sure you get your hands on the PKG Motion 2.0 robot stretch wrapper. 

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